Rabu, 23 Mei 2012

Do with Heart

Hi reader.. How are you people??
long time I didin't updates on my blog about something that I do now..

Okey people..
moral lesson is one thing that so important for live..
we have some activities and sometimes we just busy with it..

with a simple things I got so many morral Lesson..
For him.. I Know the mean of life..
Not just eating, going to campuss, singing, sleeping and more..
Life is fun..
we can fill it with some beutifull things..

Last week, one of my best friend who I ever told about him on my blog give me more advice..
He told me about life by his way..
Life is so beutifull..
Do with heart..
Never give up..

make something simlpe being perpect with heart..
happy is so simple..
Being happy is simple..

care each other.. never has a bad thingking about each other..
and heart to the heart,,

and.. I'm not creating my self to be perfect.. but a person you can't find in someone else..

Being your self..

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