Selasa, 12 Oktober 2010

My problem is not your problem..!!!

Yuuup Everybodies have problems, problems is not Something that make us so down but problem is god's way to make us be stronger more than ever and get something good if we solve it well. A Lot of people sometimes feels so down, yeah, it's their way to solve their problem..

But, I Have spesial way for solve my problem, for me my problem is My problem not your problem, I try to solve my problem By self, if I can't solve my problem by my self, I Try to tell my boy about my problem, because I think, just he can understand me, I am shy to tell my problem to my family..
Beside that, I solve my problem by write all everything in my mind in My twitter and My blog, Because If I tell about my problem to my twitter and my blog althought theres no Opinion but I feel setisfied if I write it,,
Smile is Everything..

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